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Vision Denmark

Vision Denmark is the business cluster for games, film, TV, animation, and XR. Vision Denmark gathers the ecosystem across Denmark to create innovation and growth and secure the industry's position of strength.

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    Vision Denmark brings together the digital visual industry

    Vision Denmark's vision is to accelerate the visual storytelling and entertainment industry by bringing together producers and suppliers of creative technologies. 

    Vision Denmark works to solve the different problems that stand in the way of industry companies being able to grow and remain competitive internationally. 

    Vision Denmark supports networks and knowledge sharing and creates new circuits for innovation - both across companies in the industry and in collaboration with the country's knowledge institutions.  

    Filmby Aarhus has been one of the initiators behind Vision Denmark, and today Filmby Aarhus is one of the nine partners in the cluster.

    Sidst opdateret: 14. februar 2024