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Virtual Production Facilities

Filmby Aarhus and equipment rental company FilmGEAR have joined forces to open one of Denmark's largest Virtual Production studios.

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    Located within Filmby Aarhus, this state-of-the-art Virtual Production studie is the largest of its kind in Western Denmark. It introduces groundbreaking technology to the film and TV production industry in Aarhus and the surrounding regions, offering potential time and cost savings for producers while also contributing to a more sustainable approach to film production.

    The Virtual Production facilities are placed in Filmbyens Studio 1 and includes a massive 4x10-meter LED screen and associated equipment.

    Virtual Production facilities offer the ability to replace traditional on-location shoots for film, TV and commercial productions with studio recordings in front of a big screen that can showcase either computer-generated or real environments and locations. This choice allows producers to achieve several advantages, including significant time and cost savings, as well as the ability to create more sustainable and imaginative productions. The key benefit is the capacity to capture a larger number of scenes, with or without actors, all within a single studio setting.

    The new Virtual Production facilities are available for booking. For more information, please contact:

    Theresa Valbæk, Filmby Aarhus: vanth@aarhus.dk
    Peter Andreas Nielsen, FilmGEAR: peter@filmgear.dk

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    Sidst opdateret: 14. februar 2024