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Filmby Aarhus is a part of th EU project EPIC-WE, focused on cultural encounters and game development for young cultural citizens.

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    "Empowered Participation through Ideating Cultural Worlds and Environments: Youth imagining, creating and exchanging cultural values and heritage through game-making".

    In EPIC-WE, cultural organizations, research institutions, and creative industry organizations from five European countries have come together to explore and support young people's development of games as a form of cultural exchange. In Denmark, ARoS, Aarhus University, and Filmby Aarhus are collaborating to emphasize the role of games as a cultural medium and nurture the development of the next generation of game development talents.

    Together with the project partners Filmby Aarhus is developing a model for Game Jams - a 48-hour event where participants with interests in art, culture, and games come together to develop games based on the cultural heritage that surrounds us.

    "We are excited to be a part of EPIC-WE, which aligns naturally with our initiatives to develop and strengthen the Danish gaming industry. In Aarhus, we have a growing and strong community of game developers, and I hope we can demonstrate that gaming is a fully legitimate career path by exposing young talents to the gaming medium in various ways. Many on the most influential games in the world have emerged from the intersection of art, culture, creativity, and exploring technology, so a collaboration between three such strong players as ARoS, Aarhus University and Filmby Aarhus is very promising." - Christian Nyhus Andreasen, Head of Incubator in Filmby Aarhus' incubation program for startups.

    EPIC-WE will take place over a three-year period from 2023-2026. Within this timeframe, a total of 12 Game Jams will be organized across the participating countries, which include Denmark, The Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, and Belgium.

    For more information about Filmby Aarhus' participation in EPIC-WE, please contact project manager Katrine Broe Møller Sørensen at kabrs@aarhus.dk.

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