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Filmby Aarhus is a part of the EU project CresCine, which aims to strengthen the international competitiveness of small European countries and markets.

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    CresCine (Increasing the international competitiveness of the film industry in small European markets) is a three-year project running from 2023 to 2026. It is supported by he European initiative Horizon Europe with the purpose of enhancing the European film and audiovisual industry landscape. Focusing on competitiveness and cultural diversity within the sector, CresCine builds on the collective expertise of a consortium representing the best of Europe's film, innovation, and research ecosystems.

    CresCine's primary goal is to strengthen and transform the film industry in small markets in European countries. The focus areas include Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Ireland, Belgium (Flanders), Croatia, and Portugal.

    Filmby Aarhus' role in CresCine largely revolves around identifying innovative approaches to strengthen intellectual property (IP) and business models, green transition, and new financing opportunities, among other aspects. Filmby Aarhus will initiate numerous pilot projects with various focal points in close contact and dialogue with many stakeholders from the film industry.

    In addition to Filmby Aarhus, Aarhus is represented by Aarhus University's Department of Media Studies and Journalism. The project's overall coordinator is Lusófona University in Lisbon, Portugal, and there are a total of 26 partners and associated partners across the participating EU member states, as can be seen on the map below.

    For more information about Filmby Aarhus' particitation in CresCine, please contact project manager Kirsten Langgaard at kirlal@aarhus.dk.

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