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Filmby Aarhus is the initiator of the series festival AARHUS SERIES. AARHUS SERIES is five days filled to the brim with spectacular experiences targeted at all lovers of tv series.

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    AARHUS SERIES - Stream together, dream together

    AARHUS SERIES is an annual series festival for all series lovers in Aarhus. An array of cultural institutions around the city serve to provide the framework for these shared experiences, during which the best of the best in series are presented in a large-scale format. This include screenings, premieres and fan sessions.

    AARHUS SERIES brings to the forefront a selection of actors, talents, directors and other industry professionals, who will tale participants on a journey behind the scenes of some of the most notable series through captivating talks where they will share stories about their inspiring and entertaining experiences.

    AARHUS SERIES 2024 runs from October 30. - November 3.

    Sidst opdateret: 14. februar 2024