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Find your way in Filmby Aarhus

Find your way in Filmby Aarhus

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    Find your way to the secretariat of Filmby Aarhus, guest parking and the parking space connected to the studios as well as information about parking at Filmbyen.

    The Filmby Aarhus secretariat is in Filmbyen 23, 1st floor - follow the green line on the image above.

    Filmby Aarhus guest parking - where you see the yellow marking on the image above.

    The parking area connected to the studios - follow the red line on the image above.

    Parking rules at Filmby Aarhus

    If you use the quest parking, you must always draw a parking pass - the price per hour is 10 DKK. The first half hour is free.

    Please note that the pass brought from the ticket machine is only valid in the two spaces with the "Guest Parking" sign.

    If you wish to rent a parking space, place contact us at the Filmby Aarhus secreatiat on +45 8940 4873 or filmby@aarhus.dk.

    Did you book one of our meeting rooms or studios? Find more information and addresses of meeting rooms and studios here.

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