X-Ray Fashion premieres in Aarhus at this.2019

The VR-production company MANND based in Filmby Aarhus and their Award-Winning VR-Experience ‘X-Ray Fashion’ will be joining this.2019. After traveling the world for the past year, the virtual reality installation will finally visit Denmark. X-Ray fashion will be showcased on October 29th – 31st in Filmby Aarhus.

‘X-Ray Fashion’ is a VR documentary that tells the darker story of garment production within the fast-fashion industry. As an audience, you are invited on a journey to see and feel every aspect of the fashion supply chain; from the glamorous catwalk shows in New York to the inside of a sweatshop in India, to the clothing’s afterlife once the consumers are finished with it.

If you want to experience the ground-breaking VR installation ‘X-Ray Fashion’ visit Filmby Aarhus Tuesday, October 29th and sign up. It’s first come first serve. For participants at this.conference ‘X-Ray Fashion’ will be showcased Thursday, October 31st.

A Holistic Experience

The VR Experience does not rely on the VR-Glasses alone. ‘X-Ray Fashion’ is built upon a bigger sensorial installation. The VR experience is implemented within an installation where physical effects compliments the visual effects. The audience walks barefoot through the different stages of garment production, feeling shifting terrain, wind, heat, and water. The earth literally shifts beneath their feet.

They will feel the soft cotton between their toes while watching the cotton production. They will step into real water while observing the contaminated water from the coloring of the clothes in India. And they will feel the heat from the dark sweatshop in Asia, where they’ll meet a seamstress that tells them about her life. Together all these experiences will enhance the visual and bodily holistic experience.

An eye-opener and a changed mindset

The fashion industry is responsible for about 10 percent of the world’s carbon dioxide discharge. That’s more than the airplane industry and shipping industry combined. The VR-installation ‘X-Ray Fashion’ is made to make the consumers open their eyes by inviting them on a journey through every aspect of the fast fashion industry.

The goal is to put the audience in the shoes of the supply chain to make them experience a deep state of presence within the piece and take the message about sustainable fashion to heart. The experience hopes to be an eye-opener, a conversation starter and the beginning of a changed consumer mindset.

‘X-Ray Fashion’ enlightens the current climate issues. It also offers information and tools regarding what we as consumers can do to contribute to a more positive and sustainable social development. The installation belongs to the 13th Global Goal: Climate Action. The experience won the European Culture Regions Culture Award at ARoS Aarhus Art Museum in June 2019.

Coming Home

‘X-Ray Fashion’ had its World Premiere at Venice Film Festival last year. It has since been showcased worldwide and received excellent international reviews. ‘X-Ray Fashion’ was part of the official selection at the La Biennale Venice Film Festival VR competition in 2018. It has also been nominated for two Webby Awards within VR: Interactive, Game or Realtime & Best interaction Design. The experience is also nominated for the London VR Award for Best VR Social Impact award.

X-Ray Fashion is presented at this. 2019 in collaboration with Create Converge, a project under the European Union Interreg North Sea Region VB Programme. The purpose of Create Converge is to boost the creative, digital, and tech industries in the North Sea Region.