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Why does Filmby Aarhus focus on Community Development?

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27/10 2017

Carsten Holst, Filmby Aarhus

Why does Filmby Aarhus focus on Community Development? 

By Carsten Holst, leader of Filmby Aarhus and the West Danish Film Fund

Because we are in the middle of a transformation. The global community becomes more complex with every passing day, and it is exactly that digital revolution, which I suspect we have only scratched the surface of, that is working to bring the world together across sectors, countries and people.

The Big Picture is the name of Filmby Aarhus’s strategy through to 2020, and it describes how businesses and education within the digital visual sector play an active role in community development in Denmark today.

Businesses from the digital visual industry are known for being especially smart at creating empathy and interaction with the help of audio-visual narratives – and it is precisely these skills that are the decisive components in three current trends in the community economy.

Carsten Holst, Filmby Aarhus

It is my hope that The Big Picture will give you a picture of how the digital visual industries are already adding value in the business world and society, and of how large the potential is as an industry and as a country. It is also my hope that you will want to get involved in realising this potential.

There is growing demand for creative digital and visual content:

-From consumers, and new digital distribution channels represent global scaling opportunities for digital content producers in Denmark.

-From the wider business world. Companies use, in the broadest sense, creative content on digital and visual platforms (eg. animation films, computer games, and apps) to attract customers/users and help them engage with the company’s brand.

And a growing demand for digital and visual services from the public sector. Healthcare services use interactive apps, films, games, and animations as tools in treatment, patient communications, and as a part of complicated technical or surgical processes.

Digital and visual content is therefore no longer a niche, but a catalyst for business development and innovation in the private and public sectors.

The strategy: The Big Picture (web – in Danish)
In print, via The Big Picture – magazine (in Danish)