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VR CONNECT: 3 citites, 1 conference.

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27/10 2016

”Greenland Melting” VR-oplevelse i Filmbyen Aarhus, Malmö og Hamborg. Foto: Gorm Branderup

VR CONNECT: 3 cities, 1 conference

90 pairs of VR goggles, three locations, and a whole lot of fiberoptic cable: Last Tuesday, VR CONNECT hosted the first trinational virtual reality conference where attendees in Malmö, Aarhus and Hamburg were able to plunge into virtual worlds at the same time.

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A live stream was in place to ensure that presentations by speakers in all three cities could be seen and heard in the other locations. During the presentations, attendees kept reaching for their VR goggles so that they could try out the newest features for themselves.

Photo: Gorm Branderup

Photo: Gorm Branderup

Emblematic on the Power of VR

In Aarhus, VR expert Cedric Gamelin from the Emblematic Group spoke about virtual reality as an empathy enhancer and illustrated his theory with methods including a VR experience about a young man who had spent many years in isolation and takes the audience to his former cell. Emblematic Group is one of the world’s foremost producers of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Attendees in Aarhus also had the opportunity to try Emblematic’s ‘Greenland Melting’ which provides a rare, up-close view of icy Arctic scenery that’s disappearing faster than predicted. ‘Greenland Melting’ is among the first VR films to compete at the 2017 Venice Film Festival. Aarhus also had the pleasure of having Therkel Sand for CopenX to be their moderator for the day.

VR as a Tool in agriculture, hunting and medicine
QnA from Hamborg to Aarhus and Malmö

QnA from Hamborg to Aarhus and Malmö

In Malmö, Jaana Nykänen explained Divine Robot, discussed how VR is used as a tool in daily business, and gave examples of VR in agriculture, hunting and medicine.

Pradat’s predictions for the Future of VR

Mathieu Pradat from La Prairie Productions took on the role of speaker in Hamburg. For him, the conference was an important step towards giving the virtual reality artform a

European perspective, “VR Connect has allowed us to show how much is happening in the field of virtual reality in Europe. This is where we have to begin and work together more closely at a European level, as VR is increasingly becoming a social experience, not least because the equipment is becoming smaller and more convenient. We in Europe mustn’t shy away from comparisons with China and the USA.”

ShowtimeVR is making sure everything works Photo: Gorm Branderup

ShowtimeVR is making sure everything works Photo: Gorm Branderup

Maria Köpf, Managing Director of Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein was also very enthusiastic about the conference, “There is still a huge hype surrounding virtual reality. We’ve be

en shown the possibilities in examples at the simultaneous three-country conference, and now we will watch with anticipation to see how VR develops – primarily in a fictional narrative – and continue to offer our support.


Organizers of VR Connect included Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Malmö community platform Media Evolution, and Danish partners VIA University College and Filmby Aarhus. The conference was held as part of the Interreg North Sea Region project, Create Converge.