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VR/AR team for Ideas Lab

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21/06 2018

Ideas lab søger nyt team - Filmby Aarhus

VR/AR team for Ideas Lab

Ideas Lab is looking for a new team to join our amazing community of people who build digital experiences.

We’re on the look for a team who’s into VR or AR technologies, and working on a specific product/solution.

Ideas Lab is a community full of people who build digital experiences – from game developers, sound designers, film makers etc.

We provide you with help on production, design, code etc, you’ll get access to Ideas Lab’s mentors, an office space and a bunch of events which will help you boost your product, pipeline and ability to create a sustainable business.

Send us your application to Maria Garde: with the following:

  • Info on your team and product
  • Add a prototype (either a build or a video)

See more about the Ideas Lab community here: Filmby Aarhus: Ideas Lab or watch the video below to get a visual of how it’s like in Ideas Lab.