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SHIFT Media pushes the limits of traditional storytelling

12/12 2019

Meet the Labsters: SHIFT Media pushes the limits of traditional storytelling

SHIFT Media works within the immersive film segment. The aim is to develop new types of narratives by working in the field between traditional live action films and video games.

SHIFT Media works with projects within the immersive film segment – virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive film. The aim is to develop new types of narratives and explore the new ways of telling stories. They utilize tools such as 3D cameras, photogrammetry and game mechanisms to create content that pushes the limits of traditional storytelling.

SHIFT Media is founded by Mikkel Keldorf. A journalist with a lot of experience within TV and documentaries. Mikkel is also a partner at DOX:WORLD in Aarhus, where he teaches documentary and digital storytelling. Mikkel often works with Janus, Panorama VR. They both started out producing 360 videos and VR productions when VR wasn’t a thing that people talked about.

The aspect of exploration is key in their work. In the past both Janus and Mikkel have made projects in different directions exploring the many possibilities for immersive storytelling. When they both moved from Copenhagen back to Jutland, they met up in Ideas Lab and started working on different projects together.

Creating something brand new

One of the projects Mikkel and Janus began working on, was a big EU project with Red Cross, where Janus did a VR film (Sense of Home) and Mikkel did an interactive film (Brothers Across Borders). Both films won international awards. Mikkel did a VR documentary called ‘Beyond the Wall’ which was partly funded by Den Vestdanske Filmpulje. It was featured at CPH:DOX and other film festivals across Europe. Janus has been part of various VR projects, e.g. for Danish Refugee Council, Children’s Terms and Danish Safety Technology Authority, which also used VR as a learning tool.

Both Mikkel and Janus simply cannot keep themselves from playing around with the formats and getting ideas the no one thought of before. They feel that part of the joy working with new media formats is that you can create something that has never been done before.

Photo: Brothers Across Borders

Bringing the refugee camp into classrooms

Right now, Janus and Mikkel are fundraising a big project called “AR Rohingya”. It is an augmented reality piece with an interactive storyline. The project brings the world’s biggest refugee camp into the classrooms of Danish school children so they can explore the camp in new and immersive ways.

Visit SHIFT Media right here.