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13/01 2021


Practice digital networking and pitching at our International “Meet ´N Match” Event (online).
Join us on February 11th for our international professional dating service! Filmby Aarhus will host a digital networking event targeted at professionals in the gaming industry, especially game developers and SME´s.

“Meet ´N Match” is an informal get-together, where you get the oppurtunity to talk about your project, get feedback and possibly find new collegues or simply be inspired by other great games! The event consists of smaller breakout sessions where you will meet others to pitch, exchange, network and connect.

The format is simple: Prepare to do an informal pitch in front of the other participants. The presentation must include the following four questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What are you working on right now?
  • Which skills can you offer to other projects?
  • Which skills are you looking for for your own projects?

During the event you will get the possibility to practice pitching your project and connect with people internationally. The event will take place right after Digital Kids Today) and is set for approximately two-three hours! We hope you will also join us for the conference prior to the event. Please find information at

There is only a limited number for participants so hurry up and register here!

Links to the event will be sent to you by e-mail before the event starts.

The event is sponsored by Creative Ports, financed by EU Interreg Baltic Sea Region. Creative Ports aim to improve and promote collaborations between institutions and companies within the CCI, and develop strategies and processes of internationalization in the represented countries.


See the preliminary programme below.

International Meet ´N Match (post-event to Digital Kids Today 2021)

13:30-13:45 (Digital Kids Today ending at 13:00): Virtual Check-in

14:00-14:30/14:40*: Matchsession 1 (3 breakout rooms of 3, 4 breakout rooms of 4 or 5 breakoutrooms of 5). See below for details and guide for participants

14:30/15:00-14:40/15:20: Matchsession 2

Break (10 minutes including 5 minutes check in buffer)

15:15/15:45-15:15/16:15: Matchsession 3

15.45/16.15-15:35/16:55: Matchsession 4 (optional)

Check out and shared evaluation (max 15 minutes)


*The Matchsession time will be set in duration to number of participants. We expect the minimum time to be 30 minutes per session and 45 minutes as maximum for one session.