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New publication: Storytelling Beyond the Screen

20/11 2019

New Publication: Storytelling Beyond the Screen

New publication ‘Storytelling Beyond the Screen’ by Filmby Aarhus, VIA Film & Transmedia and Create Converge offers insights into the current state of the digital visual industry, and explores what the future holds for storytelling.

‘Storytelling Beyond the Screen’ is published in collaboration between Filmby Aarhus, VIA Film & Transmedia and EU Interreg North Sea Region VB-programme Create Converge. The purpose of the book is to give insights into the digital visual industry and offer the reader a look into the future of digital storytelling.

The book opens with a foreword written by Steen Risom, General Manager at Filmby Aarhus, Louis Thonsgaard, Associate Dean at VIA Film & Transmedia and Anders Bisgaard, Director of Research at VIA Film and Transmedia:

”We live in a time when new genres, formats and technologies are bringing new dimensions to cinematic storytelling. It is an exciting new day for innovative narrative concepts that will surprise the audience and fellow creators alike with their many shapes and sizes.”

The foreword continues:

“In theory, there are no limits to where these new narratives can be experienced, or who or what can interact with them. The wall that used to keep audiences and stories separated is not just going away, we get to walk through it and explore the story world beyond the screen.”

Photo: MANND

Storytelling Beyond the Screen

Experts within multiple fields of storytelling has contributed to the book, and they all offer their unique views on how to create narratives that explores the current possibilities within storytelling, and their thoughts on what the future may hold.

Specifically, the publication explores the different aspects of the term ‘Expanded Realities’. ‘Expanded Realities’ is the new realities that is found when we leave the concept of ‘the screen’ behind. By moving away from the screen, every element of the narrative is brought to life and our senses are awoken. This is for example achieved by using the design, influencing the eyesight, using sound design or by activating smells.

The VR-company MANND dives into the combination of technology, film, theater and gaming in VR, or more accurately, ‘Hybrid Realities’. MANND is located at Filmbyen’s Incubator Ideas Lab. In October their VR-installation ‘X-Ray Fashion’ had its Danish Premier at this.2019. ‘X-Ray Fashion’ offers its audience a unique insight into the fast fashion-industry using VR-glasses, smells, warmth, sound and movement.

Besides the concept ‘Hybrid Realities’ the book also defines and discusses concepts such as ‘Immersive Experiences’ and ‘Interactive Storytelling’.

For example Klaus Sommer Paulsen, Storyteller and Designer, gives his take on what the next step within storytelling might be. Manuel Faria, Creator of the pop band “Trovante” and pianist and producer, introduces the reader to the possibilities within sound design experiences. And David John Tree, Research Fellow and Technical Director, explores the evolution of interactive storytelling.

Collaboration between Filmby Aarhus, VIA Film & Transmedia and Create Converge

VIA Film and Transmedia is an educational institute for students who dreams of producing live pictures for the future digital platforms. A part of this is to explore the many new possibilities, theories and practices that are necessary to create the framework of cinematic storytelling. In corporation with Filmby Aarhus the publication aims to outline some of the many possibilities that are within digital the visual storytelling, thereby offering the reader detailed insights into what the future of digital storytelling might hold.

The publication is part of the EU Interreg North Sea Region VB programme Create Converge, which aims to support the development of creative industries focusing on the increasing converge with other sectors. The programme binds together partners from research to specific execution.

You can read the publication here: