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Meet the Labsters: MUTANT MONKEY GAMES

23/08 2018

Meet the Labsters: MUTANT MONKEY GAMES

Code- & gamedesigner Lars Tornbjerg and Artist Bo Michelsen are the dynamic duo behind the company Mutant Monkey Games. They have created the popular puzzle-game Dr. Demitrium’s Deadly Devices, where you must find your way through the lair of evil genius Dr. Demitrium to save your loved ones.

“We thought wordplays were funny,” Bo says when asked about the name of their company. “When we came up with it, it sounded very catchy but I’ve kind of regretted it ever since”, thereby establishing Mutant Monkey as gamemakers who focus almost solely on the game itself and what it can do.


Deadly Devices is a free puzzle game but not your typical one. The game is tile-based and the player moves through increasingly difficult levels filled with traps in a world where time moves only when the player does. Bo describes it as a crossover between Chess and Sudoku where you constantly need to think ahead while keeping an eye on all fields. Opposite the usual puzzlers, Deadly Devices is a strategy-based game with a great story.


In Deadly Devices we follow the hero Space Captain Jim on his quest to rescue his girlfriend Gertrud and his dog Bingo from the clutches of evil genius Dr. Demitrium.

“If you just want to solve puzzles, you can do that too,” Bo explains but why would you when you have the chance to indulge in an actual space-adventure filled with laser-traps and comical narration such as crazy jokes, dad puns, and loads of pop-cultural references?



Lots of people agree with us that Mutant Monkey Games’ Deadly Devices is awesome. Posted on Saturday of August 11th, the game is already place d 47. on New Best Games. It pretty much lies neck to neck on the Googleplay charts with great games such as Pacman and Hearthstone – even though they have considerably larger funds than Mutant Monkey.

Mutant Monkey Games is a great example of how hard work and crazy creative minds are actually all it takes to create awesome games. We will no doubt be seeing more deadly devices and laser-traps from these guys in the near future.


For more information on Mutant Monkey:

Mutant Monkey Games

Mutant Monkey Games consists of two guys:

  • Bo Michelsen, Artist Monkey & Various Monkey Business
  • Lars Tornbjerg, Code Monkey & Gamedesigner Gorilla

Mutant Monkey Games is a newly founded company who released their first game this year.