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25/02 2019

Meet the labsters: Glitchheart

Meet the brothers and co-labsters Niels and Daniel Bross, who recently started the game developing company Glitchheart. They are both programmers with a shared interest in computer gaming and developing.
Who is Glitchheart?

Glitchheart is a newly founded indie game development studio in Aarhus, where we build our own tech engines and make non-casual games mainly for PC and consoles. We’re brothers, programmers and both computer scientists from Aarhus. We’ve always had a love for games so it has been natural for us to transition into making them.

What are you currently working on?

We’re working on a 3D puzzle game called Altered. It’s a grid-based game inspired by the Sokoban-games from the ’80s, where you push boxes around to solve puzzles. The twist of Altered is that the player cube itself has multiple powers that enable it to alter itself and the puzzles are solved that way. We’re hoping to create a game that will attract both the hardcore puzzle fans as well as the casual ones by making a hard game that is easy to get into. And we’re hoping that we’ll be able to market it well enough to get enough sales for us to fund at least part of the next project.

The brothers have always shared their love for computer games.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Well, hopefully, every project will bring in enough money for us to grow, so we’ll be able to work on games full-time at some point.
For the next project, we will probably take a new approach and look for funding early on in the project.

What are GOLD meetups?

GOLD is a game developer meetup we’re hosting every Thursday here in Aarhus. Its purpose is to bring together the community of hobby as well as professional game developers, where we help each other with projects and eat dinner together. Besides GOLD we also host Friday bars called GOLDbar, which is something that spawned out of the regular meetups. We saw that there was an interest for a different type of event as well, and so, we started arranging the bi-monthly Friday bars. Luckily a lot of game studios wanted to sponsor snacks and drinks.

The brothers behind Glitchheart

Both Niels and Daniel Bross are computer programmers with a degree in computer science from Aarhus University.

They recently started their own company, Glitchheart, working in Ideas Lab two days a week.