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Digital Devotion Games is creating a new Game Genre

22/11 2019

Meet the Labsters: Digital Devotion Games is creating a new Game Genre

Digital Devotion Games is a newly started indie game company. They believe that the social aspect of gaming is very important. Games are simply made better by sharing the experience, the world, and the gameplay with others.

Founder of Digital Devotion Games, Mikkel Søgaard Jakobsen, always knew that he wanted to start his own game company. About a year ago four of the six guys now working at Digital Devotion Games met each other during a semester at The National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment. Here they worked for the first time and created the fast-paced action game ‘Eventide’, that is available at Google Play.

The Digital Devotion Games Team consists of six persons all matched by a set of specific skillsets. Mikkel Søgaard Jakobsen is the CEO, Director and Producer. Sune Hvidt is the Game Designer. Dennis Schau Andersen is the Lead Progammer. Christian Bygge Wortmann is a Programmer. Nicolai Vesterdal is the Lead Artist and Animator, and Emil Haugaard is the Graphic Specialist. Together they have become a team of specialists that are working together to build and develop their first big project – the game “Project Tumble” (Working title).

Photo: Ideas Lab

A new genre – “Hygge”

The vision with an entertaining social experience in a colourful world where you become a part of a fun experience full of creative possibilities and fantasy – regardless of you winning or losing. Action, chaos, humour and social entertainment are the keywords that describes the gaming experience in “Project Tumble”.

Hereby the project is creating a new kind of game genre – that could be called “hygge”. Digital Devotion Games want to create a game genre that gathers already existing friend groups without making anyone compromise on which kind game they like to play. Both the players that invests a lot of hours in playing games, and the players that only casually plays on occasion, will be entertained and caught up in the world.

Photo: Project Tumble

Back to the 80s

The world of “Project Tumble” is inspired by an Americanised Denmark in the 80s. It is an entertaining, chaotic and whimsical third person action party game with crazy weapons and plays that will keep you on your toes. You can play with your friends on the sofa and feel the joy when one friend fly and another friend falls, all awhile you switch between versus, free-for-all and cooperative game modes. You can also lean back and discover the world alone while testing your skills against the computers in single player mode. This is one of the game’s unique selling points, it is being designed for both a fun solo experience and group experience.

“Project Tumble” is planned as a PC-game with a release date in 2021.