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Meet the Labster: Bo Mathorne

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05/10 2018

Meet the Labster: BO MATHORNE

Bo Mathorne is an artist and film creator who graduated from The Animation Workshop in Viborg 2011 with an animated short film that became extremely popular. He is currently working on a new project, the debut of the newly founded studio Wicker.Works.

The debut is a 10-minutes long animation short film called Entanglement featuring the quantum physicist Andrew three years after the death of his son. Without revealing too much, Andrew goes on a quest to search for his son with the conviction that even if his son died in this reality, he might still exist in a parallel world.

The son

Professor Andrew

A colleague


Bo Mathorne tells sinister and dark stories that promote serious animation for an adult audience rather than Disney’s feel-good for children. “We have a whole industry for children’s animation already,” Bo explains. When asked why his stories are so dark, he just replies, “I’m not deliberately making films about death but I have yet to manage a story that doesn’t revolve around it in some way.”


The animation itself is strange, raw and edgy to underline the seriousness of the themes as well as meeting Bo Mathorne’s own requirements of beauty. “There’s beauty in strangeness and impurities. I like to enhance the skewness and elevate the aesthetic of it.”

For Bo Mathorne, great animation is never about how much money you spent on the production but rather the media itself and what it can do. Animation is not reality and the freedom to built worlds so far from our own is the true strength of the media and exactly what Bo Mathorne seeks to do.


Mathorne has worked several projects for different clients but this short film is only the second project without external involvement (except from his better half Tom Manshaus). The film will function as a showcase of skills in storytelling and animation with high artistic value. Simultaneously, it proves Mathorne’s ability to keep within a timeframe and budget. The film will hopefully put Wicker.Works on the map and establish them as a studio that makes edgy and interesting animation.

Undertaker, The Backwater Gospel



The next step is to make longer and more ambitious projects and pitch an original script for a series to streaming services such as Netflix, HULU or Amazon. They all have a large adult audience and access to possible funding. “The important thing is creating a strong world-building, which means a universe with potential for expansion,” Bo Mathorne explains. The inspiration and idea for the story is still a secret but Mathorne reveals that he wants to base it on something well-known and recognisable by many and give it a twist into the realms of the unknown.


The Backwater Gospel, Graduation Film Project, The Animation Workshop, 2011

Psalm of Withering, Sons of Perdition Animated Music Video, 2011

The Tree, Halloween Shortfilm for HULU, 2017 (OBS: Only available on Hulu, USA)

Marciano’s Reign, Jedi Mind Tricks Music Video, 2018



More of Bo Mathorne’s drawings


Animation Studio consisting of:

  • Bo Mathorne, Creative Director
  • Tom Manshaus, CEO

They take pride in doing animation and stories with an edge.