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Ideas Lab entrepreneurs’, MANND, VR production nominated for two Webby Awards

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11/04 2019

Mannds VR-production, X-Ray Fashion, nomineret til to Webby Awards.

Ideas Lab entrepreneurs’, MANND, VR production nominated for two Webby Awards

MANND’s “X-Ray Fashion” is nominated for not one but two Webby Awards. The owners behind MANND, Maria Herholdt Engermann and Signe Ungermand have developed a VR-experience that debates the fashion industry in a climatic perspective.

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X-Ray Fashion is a multi-sensory VR-experience that explore the origins of the fast-fashion industry and its impact on climate change. The experience has been presented at the Bienale Cinema 2018 in Venice and is now nominated for two Webby Awards in the categories “Best Interaction Design” and “VR: Interactive Game or Real-time”. As viewers, we become immersed in the reality of the production of the clothes we wear and encouraged to positive action.

The team behind X-Ray Fashion is the company MANND, established and run by Maria Herholdt Engermann and Signe Ungermand.

Teamet bag X-Ray Fashion (Fra venstre, Maria Engermann, Signe Undermand, Stine Moisen, Francesco Carrozzini & Elisha Christian)

The team behind X-Ray Fashion (From the left; Maria Engermann, Signe Undermand, Stine Moisen, Francesco Carrozzini & Elisha Christian)

“The competition is tough as the VR-experience is up against competitors such as HBO and National Geographic, and we are very proud of the recognition that X-Ray Fashion has received through its nominations.” Signe Ungermand says.

Among other nominees in different categories are celebrities such as Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres, Lady GaGa, Will Smith and Conan O’brien – and many more.

“We are extremely pleased that another of our VR projects has been internationally noticed.” Maria Herholdt Engermann says.

MANND was founded in Spring 2017 and is a part of Filmby Aarhus’ incubation environment, Ideas Lab. Both Maria and Signe are graduates from VIA Multiplatform Storytelling & Production and are a part of the incubator environment located in Aarhus. They are specialized in the innovation of commercial and entertainment Virtual Reality and explores new ways of storytelling and combines it with physical products. They do this in a way that is only rarely seen and despite their young age they have already gained several international recognitions.

Christian Nyhus, head of incubator, is enthusiastic:

“The nomination shows that Danish talents in the virtual digital industry can play at the top of the international elite and how far you can reach in a short amount of time when the right conditions are there, and you understand how to execute one’s visions.” Christian Nyhus says.

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The Webby Awards

Established back in 1966, the Webby Awards have become the leading international award, honoring excellence on the Internet, including websites, video, advertising, media & PR, Apps, mobile, and voice, social, podcasts, and games.
In each category they present two honors – The Webby Award and The Webby People’s Voice Award. In the spirit of the open Web, they have made it possible for the public around the world to choose their favorite within in each category. Because of this, it is possible for each nominee to win two awards per category – one chosen by the public and one chosen by members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Science.

X-Ray Fashion:

X-Ray Fashion is an original concept created by MANND, directed by Francesco Carrozzini and produced by Connect4Climate – World Bank Group & Paul G. Allen’s Vulcan Productions supported by Alcantara, a certified CO2 neutral company. Interactive VR experience design and technical implementation by Molamil and 3D sound design by awe.

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