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Jam Night at Ideas Lab – Bringing great minds together to save the environment

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31/1 2018

IdeasLab, Centre for Digital Experiences in Filmby Aarhus

Jam Night at Ideas Lab – Bringing great minds together to save the environment

Thursday night, January – The people of Ideas Lab got together to work out a digital visual solution to educate people about urgent, environmental problems.

Ideas Lab formulated three cases to the people of Ideas Lab, to explore how digital experiences could make society aware of environmental problems. The cases were in the context of The Danish Society of Nature Conservation (DSNC) and  included ‘Save our Insects’, ‘Nature 2018’ and ‘Smart Living’.

The aim of this evening was to combine great competences to produce a useable product, as well as introducing other ways the DSNC can use the digital visual industry in their favor. For the people of Ideas Lab, they had the opportunity to create something they had never created before.

Maria Garde, head of IdeasLab – About IdeasLab and this evening:

The participants had four hours to develop a concept for a one of the cases and at the end of the night, show a prototype of their idea.

Bo Thomas Michelsen, who owns his own company Michelsen Arts, was attending the evening as a graphic designer, but has previously studied biology.

“I feel very passionate about the environment. I hope to create some kind of cool interactive solution tonight, to make people value and appreciate nature the same way that I do,” he said.

We are not talkers 
Evenings like these are important, because they combine different aspects of the society to create a unique product. They inform associations like the DSNC on how they can use digital experiences to express themselves and their message. Combining these skillsets is innovation at its best.

Maria Gaarder feels that Jam Nights are important to Ideas Lab:

“It’s important because here we really show what Ideas Lab is all about. It’s about going from idea to action. We are not talkers. We are builders,” she says.

Ideas Lab

Ideas Lab is Filmby Aarhus’ incubator for startups and talents who build digital experiences. They explore new ways of using their competences within the digital visual industry. This includes games, films, sounds, 3D, VR, AR and animation.

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Image Gallery – the evening in January 1918