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Ideas Lab in Fall 2018

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16/08 2018


Ideas Lab News in Fall 2018

The question you are all wondering: What’s Ideas Lab up to now?

Well, summer has come and gone and we are at it again! After 1 ½ years Ideas Lab consists of 50 people busy creating Digital Experiences in every shape and form. We are back with some new projects: the digital platform created by XSIDED for cultural event is now being used during the World Cup in Sailing! Our young team MANND are presenting their digital project on the origins of fashion at Venice Film Festival this fall – do not miss it! At the same time we are expanding our collaboration with Aarhus University with both an online- and physical course called AIR – Academics in Residence, taking the students through a start-up in design process all the way to the finishing product. The students will be taught to create prototypes in a user-friendly design. Our goal is to unite academic skills with more specific project solution.


This fall, Ideas Lab is presenting a number of technical oriented events such as DATE NIGHT – your chance to “hook up” with other game developers. Need artists, sound designers, producers or programmers? DATE NIGHT is where you meet other gamemakers and exchange resources. You can also join us at Spilbar, where we tackle the topic of the growing Chinese Market while we network and enjoy an ice- cold beer.


Ideas Lab is blessed with some new teams this fall, from BETTERPLAYER –  a cool training app for footballers and a brand new sound team called AUDIO SOUND GROUP, who are in the middle of creating a sound-platform for game developers that will make sound effects both cheaper and more accessible.

We expect even more teams to join our crew during this fall!