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Currently Working On – Useeum

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27/06 2019

Currently Working On – Useeum

Something is in the air. July and summer is around the corner, and Useeum is brewing some amazing new ways of enjoying museums around the country. Through storytelling and gamification, Useeum’s aim is to motivate people to visit more museums. We asked them about their summer campaign that they just launched.
Tell us about your summer campaign!

At Useeum, we just launched our summer campaign, The Museum Expedition (MuseumsEkspeditionen). Together with seven Danish museums and seven commercial partners we award prizes to users that play our pervasive learning games at the museums during the summer.

Due to the fact that Useeum is a joint app we have been able to attract some quite interesting commercial partners: Dansommer, Small Danish Hotels, Molslinjen, Løvtag, Storebæltsbroen, Hansens Is and Anders And & Co. In addition to the prizes, the commercial partners contribute to make the campaign visible to a total of about 500,000 Danes, so our museums get lots of free advertising by joining.

The Museum Expedition happens in various parts of Denmark

How did you come about the idea?

We wanted to show how our shared storytelling and gamification app can tie museums together and motivate people to visit more museums. And how museums who work together on joint projects are much more likely to attract sponsors and collaborators from the leisure and tourism industry. We hope to make the campaign an annual event – hopefully with a few more museums on board next year.

Who is on the team behind Useeum?

Useeum was founded by CEO and partner Rasmus Lybæk back in 2015. Rasmus owns Useeum together with the partners of Makeable. Mads Erichsen, CEO of Makeable, is the CTO of Useeum. Useeum has two project managers, Anja Bundgaard Bjerrum (on maternity leave) and Christina Godsk. We also have a skilled team of developers and work with some of the best content creators in the business.

Which platforms are you targeting and why?

The Useeum app is free for the users and available for both iOS and Android. In the app, we have put together a category of the games included in The Museum Expedition. This makes users aware of the campaign, when they use the app. We also use our social media platforms (mainly Facebook and Instagram) to make our followers aware of the campaign. In addition, the commercial partners as well as the museums have agreed to share our content on their social platforms and through websites and newsletters. We also had 10,000 flyers printed and distributed to the museums as well as some of Dansommers distribution centres to make museums visitors and holiday guests aware of the campaign. One can also read about the campaign on our landing page

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