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Currently Working On #2 – Kevin32

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16/05 2018

Wrinkled Art, Kevin32, Ideas Lab, Filmby Aarhus

Currently Working On #2 – Kevin 32

We asked the team behind Kevin32 to tell us about the game, and this is what they answered:

Kevin32 is a narrative driven point and click game for Android and iOS. You are on a city train which suddenly starts to go faster and faster leaving the city without stopping. As the player your job is to find out what is going on and why all doors are locked.

I really can’t tell you that much more about the game right now, it would spoil it, I guess. The game can be seen as a short cinematic experience. Almost like an interactive book you read you way through the story in a strange diary you don’t know who belongs to.

We have been working with 2D games, and some might now our other title Journey of John. But at the moment we are focusing on getting Kevin32 out very soon. It’s our first 3D game where we experiment with our 2D skills and film background.

We are working with a music composer who is writing the music, which plays a huge part in setting the mood along with the sound design. From the very beginning the music was important to me and while I was writing the story. I have been listening to composers like Clint Mansell, Austin Wintory and Nicholas Britell – some of the composers we are inspired of.

Wrinkled Art, Kevin32, Ideas Lab, Filmby Aarhus   Wrinkled Art, Kevin32, Ideas Lab, Filmby Aarhus

How did you come about the story?

A big part of the story was written and developed while I was in a train. I especially liked going with night trains because you see and meet people you don’t normally would. This is great character studying. However DSB wasn’t interested in supporting the game, so I didn’t have money to continue using their trains as a writers room.

Who is on the team behind Kevin32?

We are a small team of 4 people working on this project where my friend David and I are lead developers. I’m Bertil writing, directing and being creative lead. David is the programmer, but he is helping with concept and 3D as well. Then we have Lohit who is helping as a 3D environment artist. At finally, Johnny who is composing the awesome music.

Follow the labsters in what they call an ‘alternative development vlog’ on YouTube:

Further info about Kevin32 and Wrinkled Art: