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Currently Working On #1 – Dumb as Wizards

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27/02 2018

Dumb as Wizards, Random Dragon Games, Ideas Lab, Filmby Aarhus

Currently Working On #1 – Dumb as Wizards

This series of blog posts will give you an idea of the productions and teams in Ideas Lab. From games to movies, you’ll get an update from the upcoming releases from the Labsters.

Random Dragon Games have been pivoting the *beep* out of a large production, and finally they hit something powerful after going back and forth on the core elements together with some of Ideas Lab’s mentors.
The result of this is now a small, but really cool, titled called Dumb as Wizards.

The game is already far into production, and will be showcased at Game Connection in San Francisco in March, at Games Week in Copenhagen in April, and hopefully launched early summer 2018.

Get a glimpse into Dumb as Wizards:

We’ve asked the Dragons a few questions about the production:

A character from Dumb as WizardsAarhus

A character from Dumb as Wizards

What makes this title stand out?

Dumb as Wizards has several features that makes it stand out, most of all is probably the humour and the spell design.
It is our creative outlet and as such we want to show off and get feedback as often as we are able to. We test and play, we send wip shots to the indie dev community and send test builds to streamers. It’s scary to show off what you’re working on, and it can leave you in a perfectionist rut. We want to avoid that with Dumb as Wizards and push ourselves to show, rather than tell.

Compared to its inspirations, the game aims to be much more “noob” friendly. You don’t have to know all the combos before hand to win. You can learn and adapt during the game

The scroll based shop where spell scrolls are expended after each battle round makes sure of that.

Dumb as Wizards, Random Dragon Games, Ideas Lab, Filmby Aarhus

Which platforms are you targeting?

Dumb as Wizards is aimed at the consoles. We’re currently playing with the Nintendo Stitch, as there is a opening on their relatively new E-Store.

First of all, however, we are releasing it on steam as a early access, before the full release on (hopefully) Switch and PC.
The game can be played using mouse and keyboard or controller, either fully local multiplayer, 1-3 local vs online players or fully online multiplayer and will feature several modes of play, including, dodgeball, magic roulette, endless mode, with more added post release.

To read more about the developers behind Dumb as Wizards, click here.