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Create Converge has started – countries surrounding the North Sea get together

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01/07 2016

Create Converge has started – countries surrounding the North Sea get together

Create Converge, a Interreg North Sea Region project, kickstarted in week 26, when Filmby Aarhus, VIA and the remaining partners from countries within the North Sea region, met in Dundee, Scotland, to start the partnership, that will continue the next three years.

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The primary goal of the tour was a two-day partner-meeting, facilitated by the project’s lead partner, Dundee City Council/TayScreen. We went through the different work-packages within the project and then suggested possible collaborations of those activities we, in the partnership, would like to arrange the coming years.
Filmby Aarhus is a lead-partner of the work-packages, that aim to bring the digital visual industry together with other sectors, and in that way, expand the markets and create innovation within the society, by using digital visual capabilities. Within the work-packages are line-ups of masterclasses, that we will develop and arrange transnationally in collaborations with several partners of Create Converge. In addition to that, we are going to implement a cross-sectorial network in the North Sea region.

Inspirational Visit at Abertay University

The trip to Dundee also offered a visit to one of the Create Converge partners, Abertay University. Professor James Brown gave a guided tour in their exiting LAB and demo-rooms. Just like Filmby Aarhus, Abertay University works with multiple development-projects, that introduces digital visual capabilities in games, into other sectors.

James Bown’s department is in the works of developing a programme, that uses gamification as a tool to predict how different kinds of cancer-medicine affect different parts of cells, over time. Mathematical calculations give the opportunity to predict side-effects of the medicine, and using those to remove potentially damaging individual components in the medicine and keep the beneficial ones.

We are looking forward to telling more about our exciting partners, as well as inviting the industry to take part of the masterclasses, workshops, expos, conferences and other network-events in the years to come.

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