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Corentin Makes Characters Come Alive

6/12 2019

Meet the Labsters: Corentin Makes Characters Come Alive 

Corentin Monnier is a freelance artist working out of Ideas Lab. When asked what he does, the short answer is that he draws. More specifically he draws animation and storyboards – making the sketches come alive.

Corentin Monnier is a French artist living in Denmark. He is passionate about drawing and storytelling, and mainly works within the field of Animation. His name is pronounced KÅ-RAN-TANG, and he has been working out of Ideas Lab for about 1,5 years.

Corentin mainly works as a storyboard artist: From the script of a movie, his job is to create very quickly a roughly drawn version of the film. It implies many skills, like exploring story ideas, following the cinematography, choosing the best angles, creating strong compositions, or defining further the acting of the characters. All in all, it is about figuring out how to tell the story visually in the early stages of the process.

Photo: Ideas Lab

Freelance artist

Lately Corentin has been animating the French feature film ‘Calamity: A Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary’. A project that has been taking up his time since February. Now, Corentin has time to focus on personal projects, always searching for new projects as a freelancer, and starting to develop an animated short film. This is the aspect of the work that he finds most attractive in the freelance life. He both gets to tell other people’s stories and his own.

Corentin mostly works alone but by joining Ideas Lab he feels like part of a group. It gives him some sort of security, regardless of being a freelancer. Some of the other companies are working within the same field of work as him, and some are working in completely different fields. He enjoys being in the creative environment surrounded by people doing what they love, exchanging ideas and skillsets.