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Jam Night with Økologisk Landforening

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7/4 2017

Jam Night with Økologisk Landsforening

During Internet Week DK + Games Week we’re arranging a Jam Night together with production company PictureWise and Økologisk Landsforening.

The purpose of this evening is to explore what new technologies and do to help an organisation like Ø.L. answer some of their so-called Burning Questions (questions they don’t have any answers to or knowledge about).

The great thing about Jam Night is, that the involved parthers get a chance to explore new technologies, solutions and markets fairly quick.

Fromhere it’s up to Ø.L if they want to move on with a solution and build a prototype together with one of the teams participating on the evening.


Before the event we’ve taken the time to explore Ø.L’s needs and wishes, so we can jump right into solving the case on only 4 hours.

On Wednesday April 19th from 17-21 the members of Ideas Lab who’re experts in VR/AR and Games will join forces and come up with proof of concepts on only 4 hours, and pitch the solutions to Ø.L before the evening ends.