Meet Åte VR

We asked Ege Jespersen, CEO and Creative Director of Åte VR a few questions about Gonio VR og their hopes for the future.


Currently Working On #2 – Kevin 32

This series of blog posts will give you an idea of the productions and teams in Ideas Lab. From games to movies, you’ll get an update from the upcoming releases from the Labsters.


Meet John Muller

South African born artist and a current resident at Ideas Lab


Jam Night at Ideas Lab

Bringing great minds together to save the environment


Meet Random Dragon Games

The Random Dragons were one of the first teams that moved into Ideas Lab after finishing their education at Dania Games in Grenå.


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Ideas Lab is an incubation environment for startups and talents who make Digital Experiences. We explore new ways of using our competences from games, films, sound, 3D and animation to build meaningful experiences that solve big and small challenges.

We want to be the centre for development of digital experiences in Denmark, by opening up our doors to both scientists, startups, talents and established businesses who are interested in developing digital content.

Our startups and talents take things from idea to action – building both prototypes and final products, and we want to invite businesses from all kinds of fields to come join us at Filmby Aarhus.

We aim at opening up this part of Aarhus to anyone who want to investigate and produce digital experiences – whether you come from finance or health care, Ideas Lab has something to offer, because we can work with and understand new technologies across fields.

The Danish Society for Nature Conservation and Ideas Lab got together to work out a digital solution to urgent environmental problems. Watch the video above to see how it went.


Ege presenting at Internet Week Denmark - Filmby Aarhus - Ideas Lab

Meet the Labsters: Åte VR

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Åte VR is currently working on a VR physiotherapy platform, Gonio VR, which they have showcased in Go’ Morgen Danmark on TV 2 and has been nominated for a Danish Design Award in the category ‘Healthy Life’. We asked Ege Jespersen, CEO and Creative Director of Åte VR a few questions about Gonio VR og their hopes for the future.

Ideas lab søger nyt team - Filmby Aarhus

VR/AR team for Ideas Lab

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Ideas Lab is looking for a new team to join our amazing community of people who build digital experiences.

Kronprins Frederik og Kronprinsesse Mary gæstede Aarhus Filmby, Njord Gin, samt forestod den officielle åbning af Aarhus internationale Sejlsportscenter. Undervejs mødte de adskillige iværksættere og prøvede blandt andet VR briller, smagte enorm Foto: Gorm Branderup

Incubator News May

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In this series you’ll be able to get a quick overview of what’s going on in the lab.


BitBreak Logo, VR, Ideas Lab, Filmby Aarhus


We make VR Games for various platforms.


We’re a small team of two people passionate about creating new and interesting experiences for gamers. Currently we’re working on a social partygame in a nordic universe which explores the possibilities of using your phone as a controller.


A one man game army, named Martin Due, who’s really an engenieer who decided that game development sounded more fun. Martin has released one game so far, Dead Liners, and many more games with strong story lines will come in 2018.


Is a fund that seek to help talent from the film industry grow into tomorrow’s makers within the world of films.


John knows concept art and 2D work to the bones, having worked in the field for years using his creative skill set at LEGO and now Trigger. In his spare time you can find John working on his own artsy, game projects at Ideas Lab.

Meet the labster


Freelancer specialising in writing copy and stories for games, as well as providing marketing and communication services


Logotha works with digital experiences, which can help children learn in new ways and improve resilience.


MAD CAT is production company specialized in fashion-, image-, and branding film. The crew consists of Ditte Marie Rothemejer and Camilla Gammelgaard – two MAD CATs with lots of power and will, to make your brand identity shine through playful, aesthetic, and artistic visuals.


MANND specializes in the innovation of virtual reality flirting with new media storytelling and physical installations. We produce both live-action and CGI content within the boarders of art and commercial.´


Bo Thomas Michelsen is  an graphic artist and illustrator. He draws and animates on demand with experience in 2D and 3D freelance work. He mainly focuses on comics and computer/board game graphics.


3 Producers with a vision to move new technologies into the industry of films, New Tales work on both old school productions and the up and coming, interactive mediums enabled by technologies such as VR.


Ideas Lab’s sound wizard, who create audio and sfx for all kinds of productions – from old school to VR projects, Nicolaj Sørensen is our (and your) go to guy!


Random Dragon Games is a game development studio. We build fun, fast paced, nerdy games and work for other companies as programming consultants on complex programming tasks. We pride ourselves on our structure, creativity, and our ability to deliver results.

Meet the labsters


Useeum helps museums turn their exhibitions into great stories and games through one joint app.


The Winterpath team is the team behind the game Atlaga, which is a story driven exploration game that allows the player to experience the journey of a young highborne woman banished from her homeland.

Meet the labsters


Wrinkled Art is a small independent game studio with a passion for weirdness. We aim to create interesting games and animation, with a strong focus on well-crafted visual styles and great storytelling. Wrinkled Art is one corner of the production company Roasted Horse.

Meet the labster


Xsided is captivating fan experiences & effective sponsor activation for organizers of matches and events. It’s all powered by the Xsided Entertainment Platform, through various games and contests on mobile and the big screen.


Åte VR create amazing VR experiences for the healthcare industry – primary market is rehabilitation and how VR can be used to help patients recover faster with this amazing technology.


Anders-Rauff-Nielsen, Mentor, Ideas Lab, Filmby Aarhus

Anders Rauff-Nielsen
Game Designer
Funday Factory

Emil-kjæhr, mentor, ideas lab, filmby aarhus

Emil Kjæhr
Game Designer
Funday Factory

Frederikke, mentor, Ideas Lab, Filmby Aarhus

Frederikke Tholander
Senior User Experience Designer


Joey Hannes
Digital Experience Manager

Peter Hou
Software Engineer
Funday Factory

Sune Kjær Nielsen
Digital Experience Manager
LEGO Education

Troles-Overgaard, mentor, ideas lab, filmby aarhus

Troels Overgaard
Funday Factory


We’re currently hosting 9 Master Thesis Students from Aarhus University who’re working on their last big assignment. Our students have chosen to develop some sort of a digital product alongside the theoretical paper.

The assignments floats within the digital visual industry, and focuses on digital experiences in many forms. Assignments vary from examining how to create games through participatory design for children, investigating possibilities of designing cinematic film experiences, and considering multimodal board games in learning.

Here are some examples of our projects:

Project First Aid
Mie Thuman and Isabell Deleuran are trying to solve the problem that many young people never get comfortable doing first aid. Using playful designs + Augmented Reality, they hope to make it more accessible for all Danes.

Project LAN
At LAN parties we usually meet to play games, that can be played in separate rooms or countries; like Counter Strike. Simon Milfred is designing a game experience to fit the social context a LAN party is.

Project Esports
Anders Ottendal is trying to find out how to deal with a new type of sports, that is highly commercial but placed in the world of unions. Simon will also be playing with the vlog format, so you’ll be able to follow his process as he documents the entire thing with videos.


Ideas Lab is open for:

  • Master students, who are writing their master thesis, and have an idea that can be commercialized
  • Newly educated, who continues to work with ideas from their education/study
  • Entrepreneurs in progress
  • Loosely associated teams, who emerged as a part of the digital visual industry

As a member/resident you get:

  • Office facilities and meeting rooms
  • Coaching on ideas, work progress and business evolvement  
  • Access to equipment (AR, VR and more)
  • Close relation to the digital visual industry in East Jutland
  • Networking events
  • Mentors
  • Colleagues and socializing with other entrepreneurs and startups


We want to invite businesses from all kinds of fields to come join us at Filmby Aarhus. We aim at opening up this part of Aarhus to anyone who want to investigate and produce digital experiences – whether you come from finance or health care, Ideas Lab has something to offer, because we can work with and understand new technologies across fields.

All members/residents of Ideas Lab are chosen with precision to make sure the profile fits the overall vision and the other competences in the community. Established businesses cannot get a spot at Ideas Lab.


Logo Filmby Aarhus

Head of incubator
Maria Garde
Phone: +45 4265 6673

Chef for Filmby Aarhus
Carsten Holst
Phone: +45 2213 8828

Visit us at:
Filmbyen 19, 2.
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