Filmby Aarhus is the focal point for film and media production in Jutland. Our goal is to build momentum in the development of the media workplaces of the future, and to highlight the city’s cultural strengths through film and media production.
We are the flagship of Aarhus Municipality’s commitment to film and media. The businesses in Filmby Aarhus produce every facet of media output, including feature films, documentaries, advertisements, photography, VR, AR, apps, games, copy, online products and much more.


Filmby Aarhus supports film production through the West Danish Film Fund.
The goal is to strengthen the production of films with artistic value that boost development in the regional production environment. The fund supports: productions that attract external investment; productions that attract, retain, and develop talent; productions that create jobs in the West Danish regions (see more information below).


80+ media businesses, two professional film studios, educational institutions and media projects in a business park where collaboration thrives. More than 500 employees have their workplace in the 12,000m2 business park, which will increase by 4,400m2 by 2019. The whole spectrum of film and media learning can be found here – it is e.g. VIA University College,  Aarhus Universitet and the hybrid business and design school Kaospilot (chaos pilot).


Filmby Aarhus takes the initiative on industry-related development projects that support Filmby Aarhus’ vision and goal. Our task is in full flow – from Filmby in Aarhus to community development in Denmark.


Digital visual storytelling as the driver for cultural experiences and growth in business.


  • We contribute to excellent digital visual storytelling
  • We gather and strengthen the value chain in the digital visual industry
  • We create growth and value in society by connecting digital visual skills with the wider business world


General Manager
Carsten Holst
Tlf.: +45 2213 8828

Deputy head
Steen Risom

Tlf: +45 4187 2310

Project Manager
Kristian Krämer
Tlf.+45 2612 3300

Project officer
Kirsten Langgaard

Tlf: +45 4187 2310


”Greenland Melting” VR-oplevelse i Filmbyen Aarhus, Malmö og Hamborg. Foto: Gorm Branderup

VR CONNECT: 3 citites, 1 conference.

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90 pairs of VR goggles, three locations, and a whole lot of fiberoptic cable: Last Tuesday, VR CONNECT hosted the first trinational virtual reality conference where attendees in Malmö, Aarhus and Hamburg were able to plunge into virtual worlds at the same time.

VR Connect, Filmby Aarhus

VR Connect – 3 locations, 1 conference

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VR Connect is a new type of conference: Through VR and video streaming, you are attending the same conference, whether you are physically located in Aarhus, Hamburg or Malmö. We will not only talk about VR, but we will use VR as a tool to make the audience feel, what the scope and opportunities of VR are.

Digital Kids Today made the industry come to Filmby Aarhus

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It must be fun! Digital visual solutions for kids are in rapid growth, and this was the topic of the conference Digital Kids Today, which was held in Filmby Aarhus, Thursday April 12. The conference had more than 100 attendees with backgrounds in game design, animation, public service as well as research and education institutions and institutes focusing on digital activities for kids.


Filmby Aarhus supports film production through the West Danish Film Fund.

The West Danish Film Fund gives support to productions of artistic value that further the development of production environments in the West Danish regions. Support goes to talent films, festival activities, education and other initiatives that boost film culture and production locally within the film fund’s area.

The goal for Filmby Aarhus and the West Danish Film Fund is to strengthen the production of films with artistic value that boost development in the regional production environment.

The West Danish Film Fund provides feature films, documentaries, TV series and multimedia productions with development and production support. The goal is also to attract external investment while retaining and developing talent, in order to create jobs in the West Danish regions.

Examples of supported movies and TV series:

The secretariat can be found at Filmby Aarhus, and is part of the regional film and media centre in Jutland, as well as the local film cluster in Filmby Aarhus.

The West Danish Film Fund is the only film fund in Jutland, and one of only two Danish film funds outside the capital.

The West Danish Film Fund is the motor that acts as the foundation for innovation and development within the whole digital visual industry in Jutland. In practice, it acts as a lighthouse of specialisms that secures highly qualified workers and businesses in the region.

More: The West Danish Film Fund (in Danish)